Monday, February 24, 2003

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Friday, September 13, 2002

I like Disneyland. I have been reading about Disneyland. An upcoming issue will be based around my dislike of the Warped Tour and my full on love for Disneyland.
My uncle Dave called today and toldd me he made twenty copies of the color zine for me. Looks like those are going straig to contributers. Oh well. Maybe when I am rich I will make a full color zine for everyone.

Wednesday, September 04, 2002

The August issue has been carefully re-edited and will be out when I get money to make it. In the August issue, which is forty pages, are interviews with the moldy peaches, the toaster, the river city rebels and bob fingerman. THere are also artcles unlike the last issue. THe issue after the august one will be themed around feminism and will have no male conribtors except for me. There are interviews with Kathleen Hanna, Lynn Breedlove, Murray Hill and I am going to interview JD Smason soon I think. After that is the Warped Tour vs. DisneyLand issue. It is more stories and opinions. After that I will go back to regular zine format I think.

"Singer of band arrested after stage act at club
JACKSONVILLE, Fl (Riverside) - The singer of a band called the "River City Rebels" is out on bond after he says a foolish move landed him in jail. 23-year-old Daniel Thomas O'Day was arrested over the weekend for allegedly performing a sex act on stage at an all ages concert at Club Marquee. A 16-year-old girl told police O'Day dropped his pants on stage Friday night and performed a sexual act. According to the police report, the singer thought everyone in the club was at least 21. He said he didn't realize the state had laws against that kind of action. "

Wednesday, August 07, 2002

Dear Caroline

What I been up to:

Today I hung out with aelfie and Matt and Joe Flood. I (deleted the first thing i did) 2)saw Austin Powers 3 and it sucked 3) talked with Joe about stuff 4) worked on my painting of the Japanese punk. It's way, way different now. 5) bought some cheap toys at Village Comics.

Yesterday I:
hunged out with Aelfie, Matt, Liz, Ari and myelf. We saw Tribe 8 together. Tribe 8 is an all lesbian punk band that is pretty awesome. I saw JD and Kathleen from Le Tigre there and JD was all "Hey Nicholas." And I was all "Yo" and then we talked about stuff. I'm interviewing for the next issue of lil squidy.

I also painted and did stuff. I read.

The day before that(sunday) I:
Went to the Tompkins Square Show in the park. Leftover Crack was there dressed as policemen as well as other bands and lots o' punks. I gave away a lot of zines to cool working class people and sold it to kids with much moneys. I made fourteen dollars I think. I talked to lots of musicians I respect. (inside nick's head: Q: Why you do zine?? A: I do zine so that rockstars talk to me. When i talk to rockstars I become honorary rockstar.) Becky Cloonan is going to draw me into the story she's doing in X- Men Unlimited sitting next to Liz's brother. I walked arund in a sleepy, drunken daze and accidentally ditched all my friends except my kind of friend Deanna. She walked around with me and she walked me to my room and we all watched the Simpsons together. Deanna is a good person. She is quiet, skinny and wears glasses. She is smart and likes punk rock. She is subtle though and you wouldn't guess that she is a hacker with a deep and meaningful inner world.

I don't really rememebr the day before that. Everyone liked the shirt and Psyduck toy you gave me. Why is Psyduck so cool? His power is that of passive aggresiveness. He doesn't respond until his migraine grows to a certain point when he freaks out. He is the stressed out pokemon that is unwanted. All nerds can relate.

Also tonight Grayson was telling us stories about his prep school. He told us about these kids who would do weird things. "Yo see that kid? Later tonight we're going to beat him up with our dicks." and then he says they would do just that. "They would totally cockslap some kid while he was sleeping- and I would watch." Grayson is a weirdo guy. I like him and I'm scared of him.


Tuesday, August 06, 2002

"We're going to go beat this guy in the face with our dicks!"
"That guys asleep, let's go cockslap him in the face- and I would watch"

Thursday, July 25, 2002

I'm also putting in The Moldy peaches intervew and the river city rebels inerview. the august issue may be out a few days late.

Monday, July 22, 2002

This is a blog that should announce news about my zine, Squid Vicious. I do not have any intention of making a proper website at the moment because I would rather spend the time working on the actual zine.

The July (1st) issue has now been printed 240 times.
The August issue should be out in ten days and it will be better.

The full sized annual issue may never come out, and in limited quantities if it does.

The August issue will have interviews with Kathleen Hanna, Bucket of the Toasters and Bob Fingerman of Minimum Wage fame. There will also be other things. email me at if you have anything to say.